Chicken N Beer
(October 7, 2003)
Track Lyrics
01 Southern Fried Intro
02 Blow it Out
03 Stand Up
04 Rob Quarters Skit
05 Splash Waterfalls
06 Hard Times
07 Diamond in the Back
08 Screwed Up
09 T Baggin’ Skit
10 P-Poppin’
11 Hip Hop Quotables
12 Black Man’s Struggle Skit
13 Hoes in My Room
14 Teamwork
15 Interactive Skit
16 We Got
17 Eyebrows Down

Disturbing The Peace
Golden Grain
(Sep 2002)
Track Lyrics
01 Break Sumthin’
02 Growing Pains (Do it Again)
03 Posted
04 Smokin Dro’
05 Big Chain Records (Skit)
06 Pimp Council
07 Play Pen to the State Pen
08 R.P.M
09 Can’t Be Stopped
10 Behind the Chains (Skit)
11 A-Town Hatz
12 N.S.E.W.
13 When I Touch Down
14 Outro On Ya Ass

Word Of Mouf
(Nov 2001)
Track Lyrics
01 Coming 2 America
02 Rollout (My Business)
03 Go to Sleep
04 Cry Babies (Oh No)
05 She Said
06 Howhere (Skit)
07 Area Codes
08 Growing Pains
09 Greatest Hits (Skit)
10 Move Bitch
11 Stop Lying (Skit)
12 Saturday (Oooh! Oooh!)
13 Keep it On the Hush
14 Word of Mouf (Freestyle)
15 Get the Fuck Back
16 Freaky Thangs
17 Cold Outside
Bonus Welcome to Atlanta

Back For The First Time
(Oct 2000)
Track Lyrics
01 U Got a Problem?
02 Game Got Switched
03 1st & 10
04 What’s Your Fantasy
05 Come On Over (Skit)
06 Hood Stuck
07 Get Off Me
08 Mouthing Off
09 Stick ‘Em Up
10 Ho (Skit)
11 Ho
12 Tickets Sold Out (Skit)
13 Catch Up
14 Southern Hospitality
15 What’s Your Fantasy Remix
16 Phat Rabbit
Soundtracks / B.Side
Lyrics Album
Act a Fool 2 Fast 2 Furious soundtrack
Pick Up the Phone 2 Fast 2 Furious soundtrack
Dis Bitch, Dat Hoe Choices soundtrack
Fatty Girl FUBU The Good Life Comp.
It Wasn’t Us Incognegro LP
Midnight Train Incognegro LP
Rock and a Hard Place Incognegro LP
John Madden 2000 Theme John Madden 2000
Some South Shit Ruff Ryders Comp V3
Remix / Misc
Lyrics Artist
Why Don’t We Fall in Love (Remix) Amerie
What Means the World .. (Remix) Cam’ron
Holidae In Chingy
Get it Right Dutch and Spade
Witcha Lookin Ass Eightball
Get the Hell On With That Fat Joe
That’s How I Get Down Ginuwine
Cut Something Jagged Edge
Bia’ Bia’ Lil’ Jon
Gossip Folks Missy Elliott
One Minute Man Missy Elliott
Made You Look (Remix) Nas
Real Pimp Nate Dogg
It Wasn’t Us The Neptunes
Peaches & Cream (Remix) P. Diddy
Considerate Brotha Timbaland & Magoo
B R Right Trina
U Don’t Have to Call (Remix) Usher
Damn (Remix) Youngbloodz